Light tactility

Anthony McCall – Five Minutes of pure sculpture


What tactile qualities does light have? Anthony McCall showed in the great enormous exhibitionspace of Hamburger Bahnhof how light becomes tactile and felt. Entering the dark space your steps and movement slows down, almost standing still while adjusting your sight to the dark room where only the lightinstallations lite up the room. The size of the room, the height and depth are present without being visible.

The floors are lined with dark carpet, absorbing the sound of your movement and motion. Absorbing the sounds of the other participants movement. The space turns into a quiet temple where beauty can be experienced and found if you’re open to it.


The softness of the carpet seems familiar and known. The space turns into a place where you can lie down, experience the lightsculptures from another angle. Lay flat on your back, leaning against the walls while absorbing and experiencing the lights that slowly and gently moves around, shapes appear and reappear. The lightsculptures is filled with body and a tactile quality as white smoke moves forcefully and aggressive into the projection. The tactility of the lights expands with the turbulencepatterns created by the smoke.

The chilly cool sensation felt on your skin and body emphasizes the lightsculptures as sculptures. As something that can not only be experienced as a visible phenomenon. The constant flow of smoke being produced, interacting with the lightprojections in the space, gains an animated quality and is broken in the instant you move, your arm, blow toward the smoke and interacting with the smoke.

DSC01289 DSC01290

More McCall here

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