Radical humanist

Somewhere in the field of interactive media art, performance, videoinstallation – you find the artist Anna Witt.




Artist Anna Witt and Uli Aigner

With an activistic approach she studies the public space, the individual in the public sphere. Not observing the human kind but participating and interacting with her audience, that through her recording becomes part of  her artworks.


60 minutes of Smiling was a sort of a challenge where actors were hired to smile in front of a rolling camera for 60 minutes without any breaks. Striking powerposes that usually is seen in corporate photography, using the simple visual language of the body and positioning of bodyparts. She refers to a world of corporate business that is mostly represented by men. This does not however mean that she is a feminist activist.


She is interested in humans and the movements social events can trigger actions. Especially actions that is uncommon in everyday life but accepted in particular context and situations. Below is an example of the very common accepted behaviour – the airportsecurity check where we allow another human being to come physically very close to us.





Check out current exhibition at Galerie Tanja Wagner here

And more Anna Witt here

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