Would it be possible to establish a language that can describe an aesthetic experience – to be able to describe the sensual information that a human experiences when we relate to artworks, to eachother and to our surroundings?

How can the sensoric experience be described with reference to your bodily perceived experience as the initial starting point in a way that makes it possible for others to relate to and understand?


Kinesthesia is defined as the perception of your body’s movement, position, weight and force through the sensoric information from your muscles, joints and tendons. Continuously corporating with the sense of balance from the inner ear the kinesthetic sense coordinates the bodys activity in the surrounding space.


The body’s movements and motion is central to kinesthesia, when it comes to proprioception the focus is on the awareness of the body’s movement and behaviours. It could be said that proprioception is closer related to a cognitive property and kinesthesia to a behavioral property.


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