The Tellegen Absorption Scale might be possible to measure a persons capacity to absorb – emerge and involve in a relation to given phenomenon, aesthetic or an artwork

It does however not provide any clue to the frequency of occurence or how easily a human being accesses an expanded engaged involvement when experiencing a phenomenon. Tellegens scale can tell you if you are open to absorption or not. It would be interesting to be able to also bring the frequency in which the absorption occurs and also if the absortive state is easily reached or if particular effort is put into it.

Yes of course a paper was done – read it here

The interesting thing in this study is how high the relation to arts, nature and aesthetics is rated when combining the absortive capacity and the frequency with which it occured.




1 Is responsive to engaging stimuli.
2 Is responsive to “inductive” stimuli.
3 Often thinks in images.
4 Can summon vivid and suggestive images.
5 Has “crossmodal” experiences (e.g., synesthesia).
6 Can become absorbed in own thoughts and imaginings.
7 Can vividly re-experience the past.
8 Has episodes of expanded (e.g., ESP-like) awareness.
9 Experiences altered states of consciousness.

Openness to absorbing aesthetic experiences, how can the Tellegen Absorption Scale define a participants ability and susceptibility to emerge in aesthetic experiences?

Whatever stimuli an artwork would have depending to some extent to the participants degree of openness, the various external stimuli, how physically demanding or challenging the artwork is in relation to the participants embodied connection.

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