How does intuition transcribe?

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Not merely the definition that some psychologists or philosphers described it. Intuition is defined as the ability to perceive relations of a bigger whole directly and immediately without any previous rational thinking. This whole can be related to various situations – practical and technical. Intuition can also occur in relation to situations where awareness is expanded, in common interactions between humans and in relation to the entire nature of existence.
In opposition is the rational thinking which is constructed gradually over time and then moves toward the final conclusion – intuitive insights present themselves without effort or any particular intention – they simply appear to us – complete and whole – without explaining where it originated.
Insight in this way has some qualities similar to enlightenment. It can’t be controlled and doesn’t let you rationally explain it – still for the person experiencing this insight – it is valued with a high degree of truth.

A certain presence is often connected to the intuitive insight where the distance between the realiser and the realised vanishes and you, the realiser, becomes one with the object in focus and understands the object from within. In rare occasions this experience of becoming and being ONE with the object or situation through the intuitive insight creates what mystics call unio mystica, the immersive full experience of unity, where the individual becomes one with the existence itself and in an instance understands everything.

Is intuition a mental phenomenon or is it a bodily phenomenon?
Does intuition originate from our bodies – where some intuitive energies manifests and connects to particular areas of the body. Some in your legs, others in your arms – if so – you should aim and aspire to connect and understand what your body signals informs you about – listen carefully to what information is given to you. If you are disconnected you are not only running the risk of noticing important bodily information about your own wellbeing – you are most likely to misunderstand and misinterpret the situation, your surrounding reality.  Have you tried to trust your intuition? Ever acted upon an intuitive insight? If so did you ever regret – was it ever wrong?

Transcribing intuition – knowing – simply knowing something is the truth. Being sure – that gutfeeling – that tingling somewhere tells you – it’s the way to go – the thing to do. And at the same time not being able to explain the origine of the knowledge. How would you describe intuition?

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