What lies in between?

Did you ever try to find out what color the inside of your eyelids have?

Did you ever try to breath through the space inbetween?

On something you could call Connective tissue…

The space inbetween – the latent continous potential that lies between tissues. This space, latent and potential, is superior to flesh, superior to object, superior to external worldly surroundings. Continuosly potent it is also immensely fragile and open. Like intuition it holds a strength – appears from within as a felt circumstance and more than intuition – very few human beings know how to make use of the information that is embodied in the connective tissue.

How do we learn to understand, encode and make use of the subtle information of the space inbetween when our flesh, our bodies and presence is constantly stimulated by the external surroundings. In one and the same breath we are both caught and free in our flesh.
Do you ever notice how the surface of your skin feels?

Decode your bodily perceptional information in the realm of spatiality, bodies and your degree of presence.

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